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Indecent Proposals

April 2016

High Hopes

Driftwood painting on photo

High Hopes was proposed for the architectural and engineering consulting firm Will + Alsop. The firm is on the 5th floor of 672 Dupont Street, which was first built as a factory for Ford Motor Company.

High Hopes is a green wall, a comment on the history of the site, company vs. employee relations, colonialism and globalism.

High Hopes consists of 24 used tires, Brazilian indoor flowering tropical plants, soil, fertilizer and pea gravel. It will be necessary to secure the tires to the wall with large brackets or, eyelets and thick wire to suspend the tires from the concrete ceiling. The plants will need to be watered by the employees of the company in order to keep them healthy and blooming. The words "High Hopes" will be stuck on the top of the wall with vinyl lettering just above the top row of tires.

Brazilian Plants pictured: Bougainvillea, Mandevilla Vine, Brazilian Candle Plant, Gloxinia, Zebra Plant, Holiday Cactus


October 2015

Streets and Stories

This proposal was put together with the friends of McCormick Park for 2016 Myseum Intersections. The proposal consisted of an exhibition, family friendly event, a website and a tour.